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MAKuick(SSM)-CZ 550

This mount is an one-piece quick released mount for CZ 550 with 19mm rail.
The specificities are that it is an one-piece quick mount system released a double jaw closing. Two levers with M5 screws securely and tightly shut and hold the assembly in arms. It can be directly mounted without modification to the weapon. Without footplates on the weapon to dismantle the mount.
The mount is an installation of high-strenght aluminium body. All the functional parts to the full, high-quality tempered and hardened steel precision.
The surface is hard-coated and blackened. It is designed for all standard scope tubes and rails. The mount has got a height of 14 - 21,5 mm with rings and for rails 12 mm.
The length of it is 144 mm and the weight is 160 gr.

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Itemnumber: 5072- .. 047